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Xavier began in under 17 colts at ten years of age and has played every season since.

He played in the 1971/72 premiership team kicking the winning point (something he has in common with Barry Breen of St Kilda) from the half forward flank seconds before the siren. He also played in the 1977/78 and 1978/79 premiership teams.

Known mostly as a fullback he has played in practically every position on the field. Xavier was a very unselfish player and was more concerned with team effort than personal attention. He was certainly a very significant cog in the Saints success story.

Quite a number of players in their entire career never play in a premiership team but Xavier was lucky enough to have played in three.

Probably his greatest honour was meeting the Queen in the 1976/77 grand final. Very few people have this honour and it's a fitting tribute that he should have this honour.

Although the NTFL recognises Xavier as only playing 115 games during my research I came across an article written in an old halo of season 1983/84 and it states (quote) "Xavier Clarke played in Saints 71/72 premiership and then through to the cyclone in 1974. From club records, he is credited with 50 games precyclone and as far as the club is concerned has played 165 games to date."(unquote)

Xavier is a life member of St Marys

Xavier is married to Pam and they have five children and are seen at the football each week.