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Peter commenced his career with Saints in the Mid 60's as a colt. Having first played league football in 1971/72 under Coach Tony Shaw, in Saints eighth premiership year.

Peter played 73 League matches pre cyclone and has tallied 132 games since the 1974/75 season to total 205 games (202 St Marys and 3 Darwin) in twelve seasons.

A member of Saints 1971/72 1977/78 and 1978/79 premiership teams under coaches Tony Shaw, Ray Buckley and Aldo Rossetto. Peter also, played in Grand final teams of 1972/73 and 1976/77.

Captain of Saints 1980/81. Peter represented the NT in Melbourne in 1979 against Australian Amateurs. He has also successfully represented the N.T.F.L. twice against Alice Springs in 1972 and 1980. A tireless rover who gave his all for the club. Awarded Life Membership of St. Marys in 1983.

Note: The N.T.F.L. only recognises Peter as having played132 games (129 with St Marys and 3 with Darwin due to his records being lost through Cyclone Tracy.)