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Edmund Johnston was born on the 9/01/1926. He was one of Saints original players From Bathurst Island, having played in their first team of 1952/53 when St Marys joined the N.T.F.L.

He was a member of Saints first premiership team in 1954/55 and also Saints 1958/59, 1959/60, 1961/62, 1965/66, and 1966/67 premiership teams

A dashing fullback Edmund represented the N.T.F.L. twice against North Adelaide (S.A.N.F.L.) in 1966.

Edmund lived in Darwin and was a regular player for sixteen years until he retired in 1968/69 season under the late David Kantilla. Due to all league records being lost in Cyclone. Tracy it is estimated Edmund played some 240 league games with Saints. A fearless competitor, who gave his all every time he played, and judged by many to be one of the best players from Bathurst Island.

He was awarded life membership of Saint Marys in 1961 and player life member of the N.T.F.L. in l986.sadly Edmund passed away on the 15/02/1999 aged 73.